I see the world

in a different way

Discover what I do with all my heart.

About me

Hi! I’m Maria Assunta Zangone, Mary for all.
23 years old and a lot of dreams in my head, all to achieve. Passionated about arts, photography, design and icecreams. Graduated in Graphic Design and Art Direction at NABA,in Milan, today I'm working as Creative Junior Director and Social Media Manager in Milan.

How I start

I began to work with "Adobe Photoshop" when I was a teen. I did little "works of art" utilizing textures, brushes and all the regulation levels of Photoshop. This was my afternoon's hobby. Then I grew up and decided to studying how to create something to communicate things to the world.

Splash of colors

Photoshop Art


Photoshop Art


Photoshop Art


Photoshop Art

What Now I Do

I'm specialized in Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Brand Design and Visual Identity, Photo Editing and Photomanipulation, Motion Graphic, Content Strategy.


"We cannot not communicate",
the first rule of communication. Today w'e a're invaded by thousands of advertising messages per day. In my work as creative director I commit to finding the best visual and the best words for a successful communication.


Needless to say, eye wants its part in everything you do. If you want to sell a product, it must be well dressed! For this reason I display all my creativity to produce images of visual impact.


Still speaking of eyes, those who investigate the world for excellence are the photographers. Also I have my way of seeing the world (and I have already anticipated before). I'm not an expert in photography, but I try to immortalize everything that surrounds me and that I like.